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ZiwiPeak cat food is a raw, 100% natural range of pet food from New Zealand , that is ultra premium containing a balance of meat ingredients - meat, heart, liver kidney, cold washed green tripe & bone, plus natural vitamins and minerals, that cats and dogs would of found when hunting in the wilderness. ZiwiPeak's 100% natural rangeof both dried and canned moist cat food has shown to improve the general health of cats including providing benefits such as, greater energy levels, clearer eyes, shiner coats, healthier skin and joints.

ZiwiPeak Cat Food is made with all-natural ingredients, with no added salts, flavours or colours. Just premium meat that comes aired dried or moist, to provide the closet equivalent to a raw meat diet you can find for your cat. ZiwiPeak Cat Food is high in protein and 95% digestible, which means greater nourishment for your cat, which means he eats less and therefore helps control a healthy weight and less mess for you to clean up.

So help your cat reach it’s peak with ZiwiPeak !!

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