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Eukanuba Healthy Extras Senior 341gm

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Yummy treats from Eukanuba especially formulated for your gorgeous senior pooch!

Eukanuba Healthy Extras Biscuits are recommended to be fed as a healthy treat to complement Eukanuba Dry Foods. 


Eukanuba Healthy Extras Senior 341gm

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Recommended for Small and medium dogs (< 25kg) from 7 years onwards, Large breed dogs (25-40 kg) from 6 years onwards and Giant breed dogs ( >40kg) from 5 years onwards

Each biscuit is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to promote health and vitality, with no artificial flavours or colours and enhanced levels of antioxidants, which helps nutritionally maintain a Senior dog's declining immune system. The crunchy texture of Healthy Extras helps reduce plaque and tartar.

Eukanuba Healthy Extras come in a convenient resealable package, so they stay fresh and crunchy.

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