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Dr Bruce's Vets All Natural - Complete Mix - Weight Loss for Dogs

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A raw diet of all natural dog food specially formulated by Dr Bruce to promote weight loss. Dr Bruce's Vet's All Natural formula is based on Dr Bruce's theory that our lovable four legged best friends are not designed or equipped to properly digest and absorb cooked food, as we humans are. 

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Dr Bruce's Vets All Natural - Complete Mix - Weight Loss for Dogs

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The Dr Bruce's Vets All Natural range of Complete Mix formulations is based on Dr Bruce's (a Vet from Victoria) natural holistic solutions to increasing lifespan, skin allergy control, supporting joint problems, reducing obesity, healthier teeth, enhanced digestion, greater stamina, improved fertility and reducing the number of visits to the vet.

Vets All Natural range of diets & supplements allows all dog and cat owners to reap the benefits of a healthier, longer life for your much loved friend. 

Ingredients are air dried at, or below, body temperature, to prevent any thermal damage to proteins, vitamins and enzymes.

This fabulous product, when mixed with the appropriate ration of raw meat (directions on packaging), forms a fully balanced, 100% preservative and additive free, completely natural raw food diet for dogs and cats. 

The range consists of 4 formulas:
  Adult & Senior Dog,
  Weight Loss for Dog,


Complete Mix contains a combination of uncooked mixed cereal grains including rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal and whole oats. The carefully formulated meal also has dried vegetables,garlic, parsley, barley grass, calcium, yeast , kelp, lecithin and vitamin C. There are five (5) different formulas to choose from including Adult, Puppy, Weight Loss for dogs, Cats and a Sensitive Skin formula for dogs. Sizes available are 1kg, 5kg and 15kg refill box. Buckets are available for storage for refills.


Protein 11.7% Fat 3.2% Carbohydrate 19.4% Fibre 2.2% Ash 1.8% Calcium 3000mg/kg Phosphorus 1800mg/kg Linoleic a 9163mg/kg Linoleic a 4026mg/kg Taurine N/A


Dr Bruce's Vets All Natural Complete Mix offers a loyalty program, simply buy 10 bags, get the 11th bag FREE of charge. The 11th bag will be sent out with the 10th bag purchased. The 10 bags must be purchased within a 12 month time frame and must be of the same size to qualify for the free bag.

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